Overcoming the COVID-19 Panic ...
GMCC Offers Free Crisis Management Coaching
to Business Owners, Managers



Dear GMCC members and business partners:

As we all work to see our way through the stressful COVID-19 pandemic, the GMCC has been diligent in providing critical support for our members and community, with the hope that we can ensure success for everyone in the face of what has become a national crisis.

Our mission is to engage with our members in a way that allows us to best understand your unique needs and aspirations. We are fully committed to this role.

At this time of high stress and anxiety, the discussion between our board members has focused on staying positive and engaged, ensuring that our support programs mirror this proactive approach.

Understanding that the vast majority of our members are experiencing critical business and personal challenges, the GMCC is committed to providing innovative, impactful support to each and every business professional … and we have asked one of our own team members – GMCC Executive Director Jerry Covella - to lead this initiative.

In addition to his role as Executive Director of the GMCC, Jerry is also owner of a highly respected business coaching practice – FocalPoint Business Coaching of South Jersey - helping clients across the Tri-State area in navigating their way to a higher level of success within their workplace and at home. Since 2016, he has personally worked with more than 60 businesses from small, one-person businesses to major international corporations. In 2019, he was named as a finalist for Delaware Valley HRA Consultant of the Year for his impactful services. This year, he was named a featured presenter at the FocalPoint International Conference in New Orleans.

On a personal level, as someone who has experienced his unique success programs, I can tell you that Jerry’s passionate, positive approach is uplifting for anyone who is seeking to overcome the stress and anxiety associated with owning or managing a business.

With the COVID-19 crisis staring us all squarely in the face, Jerry and the GMCC want to help ensure your business comes out of this challenging moment in our history in a much stronger position.

Starting today, Jerry will be offering free 15-minute confidential coaching sessions to our GMCC members. These powerful crisis management sessions will provide some clarity to the current environment and also offer some personal insight on how you can best manage this crisis and guarantee a positive result.

Again, these phone sessions are absolutely free to our members with no obligations.


Our goal is simple: provide supportive expertise that can help you through these trying times. It also provides our members “a caring ear” and “a shoulder to lean on” as we all seek some clarity to our own unique situations.

Jerry has blocked off specific times throughout each week to take your calls and assist you, just as he has assisted our own organization and businesses across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware in developing a clear success plan.

To schedule one of these mini-coaching sessions, click this link: https://calendly.com/jcovella-focalpointcoaching

These are challenging times for all of us. We know these private sessions will be beneficial to our members. Please take advantage of these free calls.


Susan Hoffman

President, GMCC