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Proudly Serving the Business Community of the Holly City and Beyond

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Planning & Marketing

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  1. Measuring and anticipating the needs of the membership, and for overall guidance the work of the Chamber.
  2. Perform surveys of the needs and service issues of the membership.
  3. Development of short-and long-term goals/plans for the Chamber consistent with the Chamber mission.
  4. Promotion of the retention and attraction of business in the region, in coordination with other economic development agencies and initiatives.

Programs & Events

Call All Event Coordinators!
  1. Plan and manage public functions on behalf of the Chamber include programs (comprising a series of related events) as well as event (singular, special occasions) for the benefit of the Chamber membership and the community.
  2. Establish budgets and fund-raising objectives for the respective programs and events.

Membership Services

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  1. Provide the membership with information and services tailored to their respective business needs and economic development interests.
  2. Develop a directory of businesses, and membership packages. Creating linkages and opportunities for the membership to take positions on governmental and regulatory issues.
  3. Coordinate representation of the membership for purposes of regional, state and national Chamber of Commerce issues.
  4. Explore group purchasing opportunities for the benefit of the membership.
  5. To the extent deemed advisable, the Team shall align its efforts to address the respective needs of industrial, retail, professional, civic and governmental members.

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